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Our Core Values

Our Core Values

The Meaning Of Our Name “Tribeca”

Teamwork is not just about having a positive attitude or working well with others. It’s also about understanding how to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other to achieve goals, solve problems, and create an environment of mutual respect and trust.

Responsibility is an integral part of life. It means taking ownership for your words and actions, having a sense of accountability, and making sure that you are meeting both your personal and professional obligations.

Integrity is more than just being honest and true to your word; it’s also about having strong moral principles, a sense of fairness, and the courage to always do what is right – regardless of how difficult or uncomfortable it may be.

Balance between life’s demands can be a major challenge. Prioritizing what matters most at each point in time can help us structure our lives so that everything gets the attention it deserves.

Equality is ensuring fairness and justice for all people and recognizing individuals’ various needs so everyone can reach their fullest potential.

Community is an essential part of human life, providing us with the comfort and support of being connected with those around us. Being a part of a community not only allows us to form meaningful relationships, but also teaches us the importance of mutual understanding and acceptance.

Accountability is a key factor in any successful business or organization. In its simplest form, it means taking responsibility for one’s own actions and refusing to pass the buck. This creates an environment where no one fears leaving tasks unsupervised, allowing ideas and decisions to be freely discussed until the best outcome is achieved.

Jeff is very professional and helped me a lot in the home buying process. I came to Jeff without the pre-approval of the house, just want to see the price range and how it looks like, and he took me to see 9 condos the first day. He is very responsible, and always patient to answer all your questions; He even answer your phone call during the night if you have questions. Highly recommend!
Sijie X., Bellevue