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Think Green During Your Spring Clean: 3 DIY Cleaning Solutions

Whether your moving into a new home or getting ready to list your current home, cleaning is a necessary step. If your moving in you’ll probably want to clean straight away but chances are cleaning supplies are not the first thing you unpack. Buying all new products can be expensive so try these sustainable recipes for cleaning products made with standard house hold products.

1. Copy-Cat Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox wipes are the coolest things since sliced bread. There’s nothing more convenient for a quick once over or even a deep bathroom clean. And, there’s no need to go digging for rags or spray cleaner. The only problem is that you end up wasting all that plastic and those wipes end up in a landfill. This recipe is a more sustainable option with all the convenience of the original.


Ingredients & Supplies

1 cup water
1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
2 Tbsp. Dawn dish soap (only use Dawn)
2 Tbsp. ammonia (optional)
5 drops of Essential Oil (Optional)

Rags- There’s no standard for how many rags you should use. Depending on the material they will absorb more or less liquid. Start with a few rags and add more if there is a lot of un-absorbed liquid. Old wash clothes or cut up peices of an old T-Shirt work great.
1 container- a glass jar is a cute option but you can also use a clean baby wipes container, protein powder jar or any plastic container.




1) Gather and cut up your rags
2) Mix liquids in a bowl
3) Add combined liquids and rags to your jar. The liquid probably won’t cover all the rags so give it a stir to let all the rags absorb the liquid.










*TIP: After you’ve used a wipe wash it and re-use it in your next batch

2. Stainless Steal Spray Cleaner

Everyone loves the shine and sophistication of stainless steal. Cleaning it though, not so much, and it shows every fingerprint and grease mark. Even after you clean it rags tend to leave streak marks. Try out this natural alternative to chemical cleaners.


Ingredients & Supplies

White Vinegar
Clean Spray Bottle


It’s almost to good to be true, but vinegar is very effective at cutting grease. Pour it into a clean bottle and spray away. Let it sit for a minute or two and the wipe away. To get rid of any streaks go over the surface with a micro fiber cloth. Most stainless steel appliances have a “grain’ to them. Always wipe in the direction of the grain to minimize streaking.




3. Sponges


After all this cleaning your sponges are gonna get grimy and maybe a little smelly. But there’s no need to toss them in the trash. It’s actually safe to run your sponges through the dishwasher. They’ll come out clean and fresh and ready for your next cleaning day.


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