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NW Spotlight: Breaking Free At Springfree Trampoline!

What you will find behind the behind the front door of Springfree trampoline will surprise you. Once inside you are overwhelmed with the sound of laughter and children playing games on trampolines.  But these aren’t the trampolines that you and I grew up on. Gone are the rusty metal springs, hard edges and free falls of old and in are the newest and greatest innovations in trampolines! Right here in Issaquah, who would have thought that?

Tribeca NW sat down with Jody and Jeff to learn about Springfree trampoline and their involvement in the community! ***VIDEO***

New technology innovations make these trampolines even smarter!

The newest innovations at Springfree are trampolines that have built-in sensors that make jumping on a trampoline a whole new experience. With the connected tablet, the trampoline understands where you are on the mat and even has built in games that make jumping so much more fun!

Did you know that a 20-minute session can burn up to 300 calories?

Jumping is a great way to have loads of family fun and exercise!

What Inspired the Springfree trampoline?

Springfree Trampoline was invented by Dr. Keith Alexander, father of three and mechanical engineer, who wanted a safer trampoline  for his daughter. It took  him 15 years of research and development to reengineered its design to  eliminate the impact points that are the cause of most trampoline  injuries. His dedication and our belief that children deserve safe  backyard play fuels our commitment to education and  our passion for innovation and quality.

Springfree trampolines are built with children’s safety in mind.

The trampoline has many design features that make it advanced in terms of safety.  It is designed with rods that are made of out a fiberglass composite and a hidden away from the surface of the trampoline. The frame is tucked away underneath the trampolines so jumpers have no chance of landing hard on it and injuring themselves. The edge itself has shock absorbing properties that keep your children away from any hard objections while jumping and the net enclosure makes sure that they stay on the trampoline and have the most fun they can!

TribecaNW wants to thank Springfree Trampoline, Jeff, and Jody for letting us learn a little about their business and what they do! If you know of any business or organization that you think would be a great candidate for an NW Spotlight, lets us know here!

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This was our first sale and second home purchase and Jeff guided us through both incredibly well. He stated he will have our old house sold in two weeks and he did! Two weeks exactly! Obviously selling and/or buying a house is not something you do often and honestly after moving into our awesome new house I don’t see myself selling and moving again any time soon. But, when we do decide to sell and buy again we will make sure to call Jeff again.
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