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    Neighborhood Spotlight: Getting Dirty With DirtFish!

    Driving to the DirtFish is scenic in and of itself but when you arrive at the racetrack it is a motorhead’s sensory overload. The sight of Subaru race cars being pushed to their limit by professional drivers is only surpassed by the sound the cars create. The facility is an adult playground with a gravel and tarmac that weaves itself through terrain that has an amazing urban decay feel. It feels like its straight of out a video game and brings out the overexcited kid in all of us!  World Class Rally Racing has come to Snoqualmie, Washington and we love it!

    Special thanks to Adam and Michelle and the rest of the DirtFish team for showing us around the facilities and giving us a good time!

    DirtFish is located in Snoqualmie, Washington.  Snoqualmie is charming town located 25 miles east of Seattle, situated in a beautiful area near theCascade Mountains. It is well known for its beautiful scenery. Snoqualmie Falls and Mount Si are just some of the amazing natural jewels that Snoqualmie harbors. It is also known for its small town charm, eateries, and live music!

    Find out why DirtFish picked the Snoqualmie area in the video below!

    In this week’s Neighborhood Spotlight, Instructor Michelle Miller takes us behind the scenes of DirtFish and tells us why DirtFish loves the Snoqualmie Area!

    DirtFish is a rally school that offers students the opportunity to learn from professional drivers on how to handle a car in very difficult terrain. Students range from special ops military officers, stunt drivers to folks to who want to learn how to race. DirtFish has programs that can help anyone get on the track and be able to dominate.

    We had an amazing time at DirtFish! If you are or know of a local business that would be a great fit for an NW Spotlight please let us know here!

    By Paul Denisenko

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