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Eastside Guide to Pie

The holidays are upon us and with all the big family meals coming, it’s time to break out the sweat pants. Undoubtedly Turkey is always the star of the show and sometimes that means putting less time and energy into the side dishes and desserts. But this year you don’e have to sacrifice quality for time. There are plenty of local bakeries ready to supply you with a from scratch pie full of home baked flavor.



Backyard Bakeries



Redmond- Kringles Bakery
Yelp: 4.5 Stars

“Kringles is a local family-owned and operated full-service bakery with a 1940’s atmosphere. Our pride and passion is to bring back an era when breads and pastries were made by hand and we took the time to talk with family and friends over a hot cup of coffee and dessert.”



Redmond- Village Square Cafe
Yelp: 4 Stars

“Out of desire to find a good breakfast spot on the Eastside in the mid 1980’s and finding few choices, Michal & Jo Ann Scott decided to start their own Cafe’ and purchased Emmilou’s in Redmond, Washington. It was in the fall of 1986 that the Village Square Cafe was opened with a 1940’s theme, an expanded menu focused on classic comfort food and a hand picked staff that understood the art of Cafe’ hospitality”



North Bend Bakery
Yelp: 4 Stars

“Located in the heart of historic downtown North Bend, this newly remodeled bakery has been in business for 90 years.  Formerly known as Georgia’s Bakery (and previously George’s), we recently changed names to reflect the amazing community that has supported us for almost a century.  We pride ourselves on our continued dedication to baking time honored sweet and savory treats, while providing a warm and inviting family atmosphere to relax and enjoy. ” 



Snoqualmie- Steve’s Doughnuts
Yelp: 4 Stars



Snoqualmie- Cafe Minee
Yelp: 4 Stars

“The owner/baker Sang started to bake in her spare time for her son and his friends using only quality ingredients, natural flavors and purified water. Like all mothers she wanted her child to eat only the best.  Her love of baking for friends and family grew larger, and it naturally pushed her to open her own store. She named it after her first born son’s nick name which was also her own nick name when she was a little girl.”



A little farther out

Snohomish+Mount Lake Terrace
Snohomish Pie Company
Yelp: 4 Stars

“Snohomish Pie Company started in Snohomish, WA in 1996 and has been baking delicious, hand made pies from scratch ever since. We thrive on delivering a high quality product that people will love. In addition to baking great pies, we place a high value on supporting our local communities in every area we can.”


Enumclaw- Pie Godess
Yelp: 4 Stars


Bothell- Hillcrest Bakery
Yelp: 4 Stars

“Our Story begins in Wormer, The Netherlands back in 1838. We, the Kaskes Family, began a baking tradition that continues through present day now in two countries. The Kaskes Bakery is still flourishing in The Netherlands as are we here at Hillcrest Bakery in the United States.”


Grocery Store Brands

Whidbey Pies
Metropolitan Market

Remlinger Farms
QFS, Whole Foods, Albertsons, Metropolitan Market, PCC

Whole Foods Bakery

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