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    6 Best Mexican Restaurants on the Eastside

    tacos with rice and beans

    If you were to take a poll of everyone’s favorite food at least half would say Mexican. We couldn’t poll everyone but we did poll our neighbors in Snoqualmie, Issaquah, and Kirkland on their favorite Mexican restaurants, and there are some gems.



    Taqueria Venadita

    Issaquah Yelp 4 Stars




    Agave Cocina+Tequila

    Redmond + Issaquah Yelp 3.5 Stars



    Caadxi Oaxaca

    Snoqualmie Yelp 4 Stars



    Rio Bravito

    Snoqualmie Yelp 4.5 Stars


    Cactus Restaurant

    Kirkland Yelp 4 Stars



    El Toreador

    Redmond Yelp 4 Stars


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