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5 Questions to ask Your Real Estate Agent


        1. Do you own a home?

No one knows what it’s like to buy or sell a home like a homeowner. Understanding the numbers and the market is only one part of buying or selling. It is also an emotional decision that comes with stresses and anxieties. You want an agent that understands all aspects of a transaction, not just the market.






    2. How long have you been in the business?

As we all know by now the real estate market can fluctuate. It is important to find an agent who understands this and can work through any deal in any kind of market. The strategies you need to sell or buy a home today are not the same as 5 years ago or even a year.  A good place to get an overview of an agent or real estate office’s history is on their Zillow page. Check out ours here.


     3. What was you hardest transaction?

The answer to this question will let you know what kind of a person and what kind of an agent they are. You want to know how they reacted during a difficult deal.

A lot goes into every transaction. There are many moving parts and any one of them could cause difficulty if not handled properly. An agent that has dealt with difficult deals will have knowledge and experience that will be an asset to you and help your transaction happen smoothly. Also, if an agent answers that they have never had a difficult transaction that could be a sign that they are inexperienced.


         4. How did you solve it?

You want an honest answer from your agent. Problems during a deal are not uncommon and don’t necessarily reflect badly on the agent. The answer to this question can also give you the buyer or seller a heads up about what might go wrong during a deal. It’s always better to know where the potential difficulty lies so it won’t be a stressful experience if it happens to you.


      5. How Many homes have you sold?

The purpose of this question is to give you an overall impression of you agent’s career. You want to know how many homes they have sold this year, last year, and over the last five years.



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