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5 Local Lux Gifts for Mother’s Day 2019

Take your mother’s day gift to the next level by getting a gift that shows how much you appreciate her and that supports local companies.


Blue Nile

$66                                 $361


Blue Nile is a Seattle based fine jewelry company that makes jewelry in a variety of styles and price point. If you really want to treat the Mom in your life go with a piece of fine jewelry. You can never go wrong with a nice piece of jewelry and we recommend these pearl earrings or sapphire ring. The Blue Nile website also has a variety of pieces with different stones and metals







If diamonds and emeralds aren’t her style a rain jacket from Filson is a great alternative. A step up from the basic North Face we all own, the Filson jacket is stylish and undeniably useful here in the PNW.



Portable Espresso Maker



While technically not from the Northwest this  portable espresso maker is too great a gift to exclude from this list.  And hey, Amazon is based in Seattle so that counts right?  The days to hectic too stop for even a cup of coffee are the days you really need that extra caffeine boost. Keep this portable espresso maker in the car for fresh, on demand espresso.



Cinnamon’s Florist



Flowers are a tried and true  gift choice for any holiday or birthday, and Cinnamon’s Florist has a great selection of bouquets for any mom. Their shop is in Gilman Station across from Gillman Village. And if that location wasn’t convenient enough, they also deliver.


Once Upon a Spa



And finally the old stand-by, a day at the spa. Once Upon a Spa specializes in facials and has 5 star reviews across the board on all major reviewing sites.  Schedule an appointment or get a gift card so she can get a relaxing facial when it’s most needed.

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