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4th of July Style Guide: Be Patriotic Without Being Tacky

It’s easy to go overboard with the fourth of July decorations. Everything looks so cute in the store and there’s so many inexpensive decorations that you end up over buying. Even if you manage to restrain yourself while shopping somehow once everything is up what seemed so tasteful when you bought it, becomes a tacky, gaudy, mess.

Use our style guide to keep it classy this fourth.





For the front porch a wreath is an easy way to show your patriotism without star-spangling the whole front of your house. If your door is a light or neutral color the classic red, white, and blue, wreath is fin, but try and avoid anything with ribbons, glitter, or a ton of stars. Here’s a great example.

If your front door is an accent color an all white, or mostly white, wreath like this one is the way to go.






A potted flower arrangement is also an excellent way to add a touch of that fourth of July spirit. And around this time or year nurseries and home improvement stores have pre-made arrangements ready to go.

For the back yard classic Adirondack chairs are a great choice that you can use all summer long. Pair the chairs with this cute matching side table.






Inside is where things start to get tricky. The open space of a backyard or patio can handle more decorating without feeling cluttered. Inside there’s a fine line between festive and overwhelming.

*TIP For your home decor white is your friend. If you can make the dominant color of your decorating white, with just a few touches or red and blue, you’ll be decorating in style while still keeping it tasteful.

The dining table has the most options for decorating. There are all kinds of star spangled plates, cups, and napkins. With so many choices this is where thing tend to get a bit to much.


Keep the patterns to a minimum on the dinning room table. Pick a solid tablecloth with a  patterned place or visa versa. And break out those all white plates that always feel to boring, they will really shine among all the red and blue.






If you are doing a fourth of July themed tablecloth or place mats pick a center piece that is white, you’ll keep  the theme going without overwhelming anyone who looks at your table. And if you’re feeling adventurous ad a few sprigs of red, white, and blue.








It can be hard to find decorations that for fourth of July that can be used all year round. But these red indoor outdoor lanterns look great any time or year.








For the Party


The time has come to go all out, red, white and blue. No one can say your decorations are ‘to much’ on the fourth so release your inner Martha Stewart and go to town with your party planning.


Hot Dog Boat


Giant Jenga










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